"I had been diagnosed with osteoporosis and needed help to change my eating habits. I had two appointments with Jennifer. We talked about my lifestyle and what I needed to change in order to achieve a healthy balanced diet for my bone density. She introduced me to specialised exercises for bone strength and the correct supplements that my diet was lacking. I have gradually changed some bad eating habits and implemented more of her suggestions for my health and wellbeing.
I would highly recommend a visit to Jennifer for her expertise in this field"

"For years I have suffered with severe headaches and bloating around my 'time of the month' and my New Years resolution this year was to DO something about it, though I wasn't quite sure what. I saw the advert for 'Nutrijen' which mentioned that nutrition could help with balancing hormones so I thought I would give it a try....well I am SO glad that I did! The results have been truly life changing! I had a very thorough consultation with Jen, who was fantastic. She really listened to what my issues were and provided me with clear guidance on tweaks I could make in my diet to make a difference. Having looked at my food diary she identified the nutrients I was likely to be lacking and explained very clearly why making these adjustments to my diet would help. She gave great consideration to the fact I am a vegetarian and provided me with a much more appropriate supplement than I have been taking, which it turns out was next to useless for my needs! Four months in and I can confirm that my symptoms have gone completely. I can't quite believe the difference this has made to my life.. And those around me as they don't have to listen to me moan! I have much more energy and feel I now know how to achieve optimal health on a vegetarian diet. I cannot recommend Jen enough, she really REALLY knows her stuff! Thanks Jen!"

"I'm really enjoying my healthy eating and I feel loads better!"

"I've now read through your Health Optimisation Plan, which is excellent and I thank you again for your care of me."

"Thank you so much for your email plus attachment following our session yesterday which I found really helpful and very enlightening"