sinsAre you a keen amateur athlete?
Are you training for an endurance challenge?
Are you doing heavy weight training on a regular basis?



Do you have frequent colds?
Do you have digestive discomfort?
Do you have difficulty recovering between training sessions?
Would you like to improve your performance?
Would you like to lose body fat or increase muscle mass?

Those who take part in regular intense exercise or sport may have particular dietary needs to support their training. The right nutrition is important for:

• Providing fuel and supporting training
• Supporting recovery
• Supporting the immune system
• Preventing injury and reducing fatigue
• Ensuring the correct energy balance for managing weight

Correct nutrition will lay the foundations of good health by supporting digestion, the immune system and balancing hormones, from this base athletic performance can be maximised giving you the results you desire.

How can NutriJen help?

Following a comprehensive assessment of your current health, diet, training and lifestyle a personalised nutrition plan will be devised. This will focus on your needs for training and recovery and if applicable nutrition needs for competition days. In addition to considering your training needs, any health concerns (poor digestion or weakened immune system) will be addressed to ensure that you can reach your potential.