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 10 -12 week health and energy programme

I have found that a fixed long term programme is the most supportive and effective way to help clients.

During the initial appointment, following the completion of a health questionnaire, I will:

  • Gather additional information surrounding your symptoms, general health and lifestyle.

  • Analyse your diet through a food diary review

  • Assess your body composition

  • Consider any underlying causes.

  • Together, we will discuss a strategy to enable you to achieve your health goals. I will then tailor your individual nutrition programme and you will receive a written plan either emailed or posted.




Follow up consultations

There will be a minimum of 2 further 30-45 minute face to face consultations and 2, 15 minute reviews by telephone with additional support via email.

Prices start at £290


Food Intolerance Testing

In this age of increasing awareness of food intolerance I can arrange for food intolerance testing.

The test is safe and simple to use, requiring a small blood sample, taken from a finger-prick. The blood sample then goes through a multi-stage process whereby the presence of antibodies are identified.

I will then guide you on the best way to modify your diet in light of the results.



Consultations are conducted at one of two clinics in Braintree, Essex.

Appointments are available Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am onwards.

Evening and Saturday appointments can be arranged on request.


If you are interested in the services offered by NutriJen but would like more information then please email or phone.